Superhero Clubhouse is a collective of artists and scientists working at the intersection of environmentalism and theater. Based in NYC since 2008, we take a holistic approach to theater in which content, process, and production remain tethered to complex environmental questions. We work collaboratively, rigorously, and sustainably upon a foundation of sound science to create intimate, fictional events that ignite crucial environmental conversations. We believe that the way we make art should be a model for a thriving society; therefore our design and production practices are vigilantly green. Our various initiatives, engaging diverse audiences and communities, tenaciously pursue deep ecological consciousness, revolutionary theater, and tangible hope in the face of great adversity.


Photo by Sue Kessler

Photo by Sue Kessler


April 22-24

Our four-month eco-playwriting program with P.S.075 and P.S.305 in Bushwick and Ridgewood culminated in a production of original eco-plays written by fourth- and fifth-grade students, fully staged and sustainably designed at The Bushwick Starr! We also hosted a reading of teen-written climate plays, the results of a week-long workshop we led in February with El Puente!

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Logo by Kristy Caldwell

Logo by Kristy Caldwell

Salty Folk final development at The New Victory Theater & Billion oyster project

June 10

Salty Folk heads to Governor's Island to perform in the second annual Billion Oyster Project symposium! Open to the public. Performance at 1:15pm.

May 2-7

Co-creators Jeremy Pickard and Nate Weida were in residence at the New Victory Theater, NYC's premiere venue for theater for young audiences, putting finishing touches on our beloved oyster musical

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ANd then

Photo courtesy of Tanja Beer

Photo courtesy of Tanja Beer

The Living Stage NYC
With Tanja BeeR & University Settlement

August 2016- August 2017

The Living Stage combines theatrical design, permaculture, and community engagement to create a recyclable, biodegradable, and edible performance space. The NYC version of The Living Stage will feature a lush, living stage situated amidst the urban landscape of the Lower East Side. Created and constructed by Superhero Clubhouse in partnership with community groups, this space is then inhabited by performances made for and by the community. 

2016 season

Jan/Feb/Mar Classroom sessions for Big Green Theater
February La MaMa presents  JUPITER (a play about power) 
April Big Green Theater at The Bushwick Starr (sixth annual festival)
May/June Salty Folk final development at the New Victory Theater and Billion Oyster Project
August The Living Stage project with University Settlement and Meltzer Center begins
September Science and Stage Collaborative Fellowship launched
December our third annual Solstice Celebration