SUPERHERO CLUBHOUSE is a collective of artists and environmental advocates working at the intersection of science and theater. We make original performances via a collaborative, green and rigorous process. Through the creation of new mythologies reflecting our changing world, we work to ignite environmental conversations among audiences and communities in the pursuit of revolutionary theater and ecological consciousness.

On Now!

The 4th Annual Big Green Theater Festival

The Bushwick Starr

April 26 at 4pm (FREE), April 26 at 7pm ($18 benefit performance + party), April 27 at 4pm (FREE)                      

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Big Green Theater is our annual eco-playwriting program and green theater festival celebrating environmental education, sustainability in the arts and community enrichment. Original plays written by Bushwick 5th-graders are performed by a professional ensemble and designed sustainably.

Produced in partnership with The Bushwick Starr and P.S. 123.

Coming Soon

EARTH (a play about people) work-in-progress showing

June 2

The seventh in our series of Planet PlaysEARTH is an immersive theatrical event exploring the personal, social and environmental questions surrounding contemporary issues of overpopulation.

Created collaboratively and remotely by international teams of artists, inspired by aboriginal mythology and the Voyager Golden Record.

Illustration by Kristy Caldwell

Other Happenings

One week's worth of Jeremy's trash

One week's worth of Jeremy's trash

Jeremy's April Experiment

"For the entirety of April, I'm not throwing anything away. That means no trash and no recyclables; nothing disposable. 


Other than to raise awareness and to celebrate Earth Month, the purpose of my experiment is to discover whether or not someone like me-- a young, poor, busy, concerned artist living in NYC-- can significantly reduce his waste stream without too much hassle. I want to evaluate what challenges are legit and unavoidable, and where I'm just being lazy." 

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