SUPERHERO CLUBHOUSE is a collective of artists and scientists working at the intersection of environmentalism and theater. We make original performances via a collaborative, green and rigorous process. Through the creation of new mythologies reflecting our changing world, we work to ignite environmental conversations among audiences and communities in the pursuit of revolutionary theater and ecological consciousness.

Up Next

The Bushwick Starr & Superhero Clubhouse present

The 5th Annual Big green theateR FESTIVAL  

April 24, 7pm (Benefit Performance), $18
April 25, 11am (P.S.075 plays), FREE
April 25, 3pm (P.S.123 plays), FREE
April 26, 11am (P.S.123 plays), FREE
April 26, 3pm (P.S.075 plays), FREE

All performances at The Bushwick Starr Theater


Plays written by fifth-grade students from P.S.123 and P.S.75 (both in Bushwick, Brooklyn)

Performed by Nanda Abella, Layla Khoshnoudi, Dan Lawrence*, Jonathan Martin*, Katey Parker, Vanessa Pereda-Felix, Mauricio Pita, Isabella Sazak, Allan Washington, & Sam West

Directed by Jeremy Pickard
Produced by Noel Allain & Sue Kessler 
Designed by Preesa Adeline Bullington, Sarah Hughes, Jay Maury & Michael Minahan
Production Managed by Chip Rogers
Stage Managed by Nic Adams & Carly Erickson
Asst. Stage Managed by Lani Fu
Songs by Nate Weida
Production Assisted by Anna Crouch, Isobel Hutton, David Schacht, Julia Schonberg, Charles Quittner & James Zeebooker
Assoc. Producer Maria Portman Kelly

*Appearing courtesy of Actors' Equity Association 

Our fifth annual eco-playwriting program for Bushwick fifth-graders culminates in a professional, green production of student-written eco-plays at The Bushwick Starr. Learn more about the program here.

Special event


Indie Green: A Conversation about Ecological Practices and Values within the NYC Independent Theater Community

Sunday April 26, 1pm-2:30pm 
@ The Bushwick Starr, 207 Starr St.

Join us in between performances of Big Green Theater for an open conversation with a panel of professionals from theater, science, and policy about sustainable theater and the importance of green art-making in society at large. Hosted by Superhero Clubhouse, The League of Independent Theaters, and the Broadway Green Aliance.

Refreshments will be provided, along with a list of resources and an opportunity to become a "Green Captain" with the Broadway Green Alliance. Come and connect with an inspired community of ecological, independent theater-makers. 

Come early and see the 11am performance of Big Green Theater (FREE, reserve tickets here)*


Stay late and see the 3pm performance of Big Green Theater (FREE, reserve tickets here)*

*NOTE: reservations for Indie Green Event and Big Green Theater performances are separate links.





Jan-Mar Big Green Theater classroom sessions at P.S.123 and P.S.75 in Bushwick, Brooklyn
March Salty Folkour oyster musical for audiences of all ages, in development 
April Big Green Theater at The Bushwick Starr (our 5th anniversary festival!) 
May "Rising Waters" Confab at Robert Rauschenberg's home on Captiva Island, FL
June/July JUPITER (a play about power) work-in-progress, Catslair residency at the Catwalk Institute
July iLAND residency public engagement event on the East River waterfront
June/July EARTH (a play about people) in final development as part of a Drama League residency  
October Climate Collaborations performance at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
October Flying Ace and the Storm of the Century, West Coast tour
December PLUTO (no longer a play) first workshop + Solstice Celebration
Ongoing  Superhero Lab 

SHC Captain Jeremy Pickard featured in Society of Directors and Choreographer's fall journal. READ THE ARTICLE BY CLICKING HERE. 


2015 Season

Jan/Feb/Mar JUPITER and Salty Folk in development; classroom sessions for Big Green Theater
April Big Green Theater at The Bushwick Starr (5th anniversary festival)
May "Rising Waters" Confab at Robert Rauschenberg's home on Captiva Island, FL
July JUPITER (a play about power) work-in-progress, Catslair residency at the Catwalk Institute
July EARTH (a play about people) in development with The Drama League  
September/October Climate Collaborations performance at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory's annual Open House
October Flying Ace and the Storm of the Century west coast tour
Ongoing  Sci-Art Lab