SUPERHERO CLUBHOUSE is a collective of artists and environmental advocates working at the intersection of science and theater. We make original performances via a collaborative, green and rigorous process. Through the creation of new mythologies reflecting our changing world, we work to ignite environmental conversations among audiences and communities in the pursuit of revolutionary theater and ecological consciousness.

Up Next

EARTH (a play about people) work-in-progress performance

September 20, 2pm at LMCC Studio Space (Building 110) on Governor's Island

The seventh in our series of Planet PlaysEARTH is an multidisciplinary theatrical event exploring the personal, social and environmental questions surrounding contemporary issues of overpopulation, created collaboratively and remotely by international teams of artists based on limitations inspired by the Voyager Golden Record project.

Coming soon


Sci-Art Lab

October- NYC

Sci-Art Lab is a bimonthly workshop intended to develop a model of collaboration between environmental scientists, policy experts and theater artists.

Interested to participate or observe? Write to us at

Recent Happenings

Don't Be Sad, Flying Ace!

We had a joyful and productive week at NACL Theatre (as part of their Deep Space residency program), refining Don't Be Sad! and performing it for the public on June 21 (followed by a summer solstice celebration). We also began brainstorming JUPITER (a play about power), which we will continue to develop throughout the year.   

Big thanks to all at NACL for allowing us to open their "Weather Project" season! 

The day after our EARTH presentation, join Superhero Clubhouse on the streets of Manhattan in what promises to be one of the largest environmental marches in history, informally coordinated with the 2014 United Nations Climate Summit. "We know that no single meeting or summit will "solve climate change” and in many ways this moment will not even really be about the summit. We want this moment to be about us – the people who are standing up in our communities, to organize, to build power, and to shift power to a just, safe, peaceful world." Email if you'd like to march with us. Visit the People's Climate March website for more info.

2014 Season

April 24-27  Big Green Theater at The Bushwick Starr (4th annual festival)
June 2  EARTH (a play about people) first work-in-progress showing
June 21  Don't Be Sad! at NACL
September 20  EARTH work-in-progress performance at LMCC's studio on Governor's Island
November  Salty Folk work-in-progress performance
Ongoing  Sci-Art Lab