Anti-Racism & Anti-Oppression

Superhero Clubhouse is an inclusive community committed to anti-racism and anti-oppression.

We embrace our task as individuals and as an organization to work every day against racism, anti-blackness, and white supremacy, and for the true liberation of all people. We pledge to follow the lead of our BIPOC friends, neighbors, and collaborators in this work. We believe that social, economic and ecological issues are interconnected and interdependent; therefore climate and environmental justice includes racial justice. The environmental degradation, industrialization, and subsequent warming of Turtle Island (a.k.a. North America) is a result of the attempted genocide and colonization of Indigenous people and land by white settlers, the enslavement of African people and their descendants, and the ongoing exploitation of people of color. Black, Indigenous, and People of Color and other marginalized groups are now disproportionately experiencing the consequences of climate change more than others, and are also leaders of the environmental movement. Any delay in achieving social justice is a delay in achieving climate and environmental justice.

As an organization, we are committed to:

-Maintaining a Board of Directors made up of majority BIPOC-identifying individuals.
-Assembling Core Members, staff, production teams, teaching artists, fellowship cohorts, and casts made up of at least half BIPOC-identifying individuals.
-A transparent, equitable pay structure in which all artists and collaborators are financially compensated, artists and collaborators doing the same job are paid the same amount, and this amount is no less than minimum wage.
-Being proactive about dismantling white supremacy in order to prevent harm, acknowledging when harm is caused, and taking action to rectify this harm.
-Engaging with the communities we serve by listening to their needs, centering their experiences, uplifting their ideas, and investing in long-term relationships.
-Letting people tell their own stories.
-Promoting transformative, hopeful, healing narratives in our approach to theater-making.
-Holding each other accountable to our commitments and values through restorative processes.

This is a living document. We commit to learning and growth in all these areas, remaining responsive to feedback and flux, and continuing to make changes to our practices in collaboration with our board, core members, and community.

To ask questions or to offer suggestions for ways we can improve our commitments, please email