Superhero Clubhouse (SHC) Core Members is a group of 10-20 trusted, multi-hyphenate individuals who are in regular dialogue around– and in regular engagement with– SHC’s mission, ideas, and programming. Core Members are our closest community; we support each other, learn and create with each other, and have fun together. Core Members are keystone species in the SHC ecosystem.

Core Members are invited to make a two-year commitment, with the option to renew beyond that. Within those two years, Core Members are asked to engage with Superhero Clubhouse once a month, choosing from a menu of options that have been built to offer flexibility and variety. Engagement options include activities like hosting a field trip, participating in an environmental racism learning group, or solo response to a creative prompt.

Meet our 2022-2023 Core Members

How do folks become Core Members?
Trust is essential to building community; therefore Core Members are individuals with existing relationships to SHC. Every two years, new candidates are proposed by SHC co-directors, existing Core Members, and our board, based on the following criteria:

  1. Believes in our mission and is interested to engage with the whole SHC experience, in community with others.
  2. Multi-hyphenate; possesses a variety of interests, skills, professional backgrounds, knowledge, etc. And/or is interested in learning and practicing how their own focus intersects with climate/environmental justice and theater.
  3. Has the capacity to commit to a monthly engagement for two years (with a degree of flexibility).
  4. Identifies as part of a group that has been historically underrepresented/ given less power and platform in environmental movements and theater spaces.*
I'm interested in becoming a Core Member, and I meet this criteria... but I don’t have an existing relationship with SHC. What next?
We need to get to know each other! If we haven’t met, here are some ways to meet us and our work:
  • Attend a performance or event.
  • Volunteer to help with a production or event (email info@superheroclubhouse.org).
  • Volunteer in our Big Green Theater classroom, working with our fifth-grade playwrights.
  • Attend an Open Core Member Activity (see below).
  • Participate in a workshop (when available).
  • If you're a student or work at an institution, see if your school or organization might hire us to host a workshop.
  • Apply to our Fellowship (when available).
  • If you're a student and can receive school credit, apply to Intern with us.
Open Core Member Activities
In addition to public performances and events, each year we offer at least one Core Member activity that is open to anyone who would like to join. This might be a field trip, a picnic, a discussion group, or a script read. It's a great way to get to know existing Core Members and the sort of activities Core Members host and participate in.  If you're interested to attend, email us (info@superheroclubhouse.org) to inquire, and we'll let you know about any upcoming open activities.
*A note about criteria #4: Black, Indigenous, and People of Color, as well as queer people, disabled people, immigrants, and women, have historically been excluded from environmental and theater spaces, awards, jobs, and platforms. Both of these sectors also participate in and perpetuate colonialism and white supremacy in their cultures and systems. Superhero Clubhouse is committed to-- and actively working towards-- de-colonizing our organization, countering these historic wrongs, and centering the knowledge and power of underrepresented groups by (for example) prioritizing BIPOC representation in our leadership, staff, collaborators, and close community. We encourage you to reflect on your privilege and position as you seek to nurture a relationship with us, consider how and where you take up space, and how you would build a reciprocal relationship with our community.