Postcard from Bucharest - A Short History of a Dot

Team Leader Hannah Wolf discusses Team Bucharest's work-in-progress showing of material generated for EARTH (a play about people).

In the Romanian version, A SHORT HISTORY OF A DOT, we were driven by the rituals that surround birth, life, and death. This is a very religious and superstitious country, steeped in old rituals passed down through generations. We looked specifically at the gap between two couples, one from the village and one the town, one that could make a decision about having children and one that could not, one couple that felt like it needed to help the other. We also explored the time capsules in terms of the questions "Where am I from?" "What do I want to leave for the future?" and "What can I actually leave right now?" 

It was a fantastic working experience, I had a great group of actors who were willing to jump into the unknown with me. We had to find many compromises, but everyone was always willing to play with the questions and explore. We're all very proud of the piece that we made and are now looking towards the future with this project.