Postcard from L.A.

Team Leader Tommy Dickie shares discoveries from California

Briefly introduce yourself and your team. 

Team L.A. is comprised of Tommy Dickie, Hannah Chodos, Neel Tiruviluamala, Kristopher Lencowski, Lindsey Ford, Cameron Oro, and Brian Nocella - six actors and one math teacher!

How did your environment or location influence your work?

I will begin by saying that Team LA was influenced by the environment & location of LA in this primary way:  something in the water & air here makes us all flaky and anti-active (the opposite of pro-active; or would that be con-active?).

How did your team approach the topic of overpopulation?

The most feasible way to get people's bodies and minds together is to have a dinner party - coincidentally one of my favorite things to do ever.  And that is how we approached the topic of overpopulation: by discussing it over vegan bean casserole and chicken. We also discussed what we find fascinating about our planet, what makes LA environmentally unique, and what we might include to represent US personally in a time capsule shot into space.