Postcard from Governor's Island - EARTH Phase 2

Dramaturg Megan McClain shares details of EARTH (a play about people) as it moves through its second phase of development

EARTH (a play about people)

(a process)
(a global collaboration)
(a time capsule)
(a labor of love)

We've been working all year developing EARTH (a play about people). Our first public showing in June helped us focus our process, and now we are moving into Phase 2. Thanks to a generous Process Space Residency from the  Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, we will perform our second work-in-progress showing on Governor's Island on September 20th at 2pm in Building 110.

Co-director Jeremy Pickard explains the core questions we are investigating at this stage of development: 

1. What is the play, and how does it confront the ecological research? 

2. How do we collaborate with artists from afar? 

3. How can EARTH be a singular event with consistency of vision, aesthetic and narrative, despite so many “cooks in the kitchen”? 

By asking these questions, we are also exploring what it means to get along in the world, in the face of global limitations, environmental crises and a population not yet at its peak. 

Moving forward, we've had a chance to let our remote groups revisit their material or create new pieces. We've been asking questions about quality of life and whether or not to procreate in a world of dwindling resources. We've been integrating the global and the personal. We've been looking at stats, and graphs, and connecting in 3 dimensions in the rehearsal room. We have also welcomed two new satellite collaborators into the fold from Chile and Denmark whose creations will sit alongside those from China, Japan, Australia, Romania, Greece, and the U.S.

Every day we journey across the water together on the ferry from Manhattan to rehearse on Governor's Island, united in purpose and creative spirit. New discoveries are made, ideas are tossed out, and somehow, the thing takes shape. We share personal stories and bring in experiences from our satellite teams. We leave tired, but rejuvenated as we leave one island, where no one lives, and in 8 minutes land on another island that is home to 1.6 million people. 


Our Phase 2 Team:

NYC Company 

Co-directed by Jeremy Pickard, Harry Poster & Hannah Wolf
Made and Performed by Nanda Abella, Sergio Botero, Jonathan Camuzeaux, William Cook, Janouke Goosen, Eben Hoffer, Yanghee Lee, Andrew Lindqvist, Bella MacDiarmid, Jeremy Pickard, Sophia Remolde, Leah Shelton, Sonia Villani
Written by Satellite Artists in collaboration with the NYC company
Dramaturgy by Megan McClain & Anne Zager
Original music by Jonathan Camuzeaux
Musical Arrangement by Janouke Goosen
Featured choreography by KatieRose McLaughlin
Lighting design by Bruce Steinberg
Sound design by Sarah Hughes
Design dramaturgy Solomon Weisbard
Production assistance by John Le

Satellite Artists

Per Bech Jensen (Idom Kirkeby, Denmark)
Tommy Dickie & collaborators (Los Angeles, USA) 
Tina Yotopoulou (Athens, Greece)
Christina Pickard (Perth, Australia)
Brian O'Neal & collaborators (Minneapolis, USA) 
Nadia Serantes (Santiago, Chile)
Toma Danila, Ioana Manciu & Horia Suru (Bucharest, Romania) 
Byron Yee & Lyrica Yin (Guangzhou, China)