Postcard from Santiago

Team Leader Nadia Serantes shares discoveries from Chile

Briefly introduce yourself. 
My name is Nadia Serantes. I am Argentine, actress since childhood and have been working on environmental issues for a few years as well. I've found in Earth the perfect platform to put together my love for performance and my love for nature.
How did you approach the topic of overpopulation?
I moved to Chile a year ago. I've noticed that about 40% of the total population of this vast country lives in Santiago, and how that influences people and the city. Since my arrival here, I've been observing a lot. Observing behaviors, landscapes, traditions, culture, values, ways of thinking, the surroundings, the news. I've been meeting people and listening to their stories. All of this helped me with the project.
What other themes or topics are you wrestling with?
I’m also wrestling with air quality contamination and social inequality. I've been to talks in Santiago where these issues were addressed and discussed from different points of view. I believe they are of vital importance for the development of Chile. And I am also touching the issue of cultural tradition.
How did your environment or location influence your work?
Santiago is a beautiful city surrounded by mountains. In a clear day you can see the huge Andes from every corner. It is stunning. Because of its location among the mountains, the air doesn't circulate much (there are not many windy days) and contaminated particles in the air form a veil that sometimes doesn't let you see the mountains at all. It struck me that there is so much beauty in this world that sometimes we don’t see. But how important it is to know that it is there, even in the darkest days.
Share some of the discoveries you've made along the way (either about content or your devising methods). Has anything surprised you in the process?
I found co-director Harry Poster's guidance to be of great help on the work-in-progress. I've also enjoyed the enrichment of the back and forth, exploring the performers’ ideas while working with the text in NY. I truly felt that we were building this together, even though we are thousands of miles away.