EARTH (a play about people)

Illustration by Kristy Caldwell

Illustration by Kristy Caldwell

September 20, 2pm

Work-in-progress presentation
Building 110 on Governor's Island
Free and open to the public 
The culmination of a Process Space residency from the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council 

Team NYC

Curated by Jeremy Pickard, Harry Poster & Hannah Wolf
Dramaturgy by Megan McClain & Anne Zager
Lighting by Bruce Steinberg
Sound by Sarah Hughes 
Made and performed by Nanda Abella, Courtney Bassett, Jonathan Camuzeaux, William Cook, Eben Hoffer, Erato A. Kremmyda, Yanghee Lee, Sonia Villani, TIna Yotopoulou 

Remote Teams 

Naja Bjørnsson (Copenhagen)
Tommy Dickie (Los Angeles) and his collaborators
Brian O'Neal (Minneapolis) & his collaborators
Sophia Remolde (Tokyo)
Leah Shelton (Brisbane, Las Vegas) 
Horia Suru (Bucharest) & his collaborators
Byron Yee & Lyrica Yin (Guangzhou, China)
Anne Zager (NYC/Minneapolis) 


A couple deciding whether or not to have a child embark on separate journeys through time and space.  A quasi-immersive theatrical event exploring the personal, social and environmental questions surrounding contemporary issues of overpopulation. Created collaboratively and remotely by international teams of artists and scientists based on limitations inspired by the Voyager Golden Record


December 2012: early workshops in NYC
June 2, 2014: work-in-progress showing in NYC
September 20, 2014: work-in-progress showing on Governor's Island, NYC (as part of a Lower Manhattan Cultural Council "Process Space" grant)
2015: first-draft production, NYC

Past NYC Collaborators

Nanda Abella, Courtney Bassett, Jonathan Camuzeaux, William Cook, Danny Gardner, Charles Gushue, Sarah Hughes, Maria Portman Kelly, Aba Kiser, Dan Kublick, Annalisa Ledson, Megan McClain, Kelsey McMahon, Katey Parker, Alice Pencavel, Eva Peskin, Nada Petrovic, Jeremy Pickard, Marie-Marguerite Sabongui, Eva von Schweinitz, Shawn Shafner, Bruce Steinberg, Tina Yotopoulou, Anne Zager

A play about PEOPLE

For thousands of years of human history, having a child was crucial to the survival of tribes, families, farms, races... humanity itself.  As technology and medicine advanced, the stakes dropped; for many of us, need has been replaced with choice. Now, as the global population climbs toward 10 billion, life expectancy increases, resources become precious, and the consequences of climate change barrel down on us, how we personally and globally consider the effects of our species' multiplication has never been more crucial.  Is there a limit to humanity?  Are we responsible for each other?  How do we balance the beauty and brilliance of our species with the impact our very presence has on the world we rely on? 

Support EARTH

From now until September 5, we are operating a fundraising campaign to benefit our fall EARTH workshop, taking place on Governor's Island in September as part of a Lower Manhattan Cultural Council Process Space grant and culminating in a public performance on September 20. We have just over a month to raise $5,000-- this covers paying stipends to our company of twenty artists, plus other production expenses like design materials, transportation and cookie ingredients. Read more about the campaign and consider making a tax-deductible donation by clicking HERE.