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We regularly host Labs in NYC that are free and open to any interested students or professionals working in theater, environmental science, policy, engineering, and economics. 

Free to participate. Hearty snacks provided. 
Standby for info on the next Lab, coming soon. 

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If you are interested in Superhero Clubhouse hosting a Lab or similar workshop at your organization or institution, please email Lani Fu at to discuss details. The Lab requires a minimum of 3 hours and an open space equivalent to a large dance studio or flexible classroom. 


THE LAB is a creative workshop for artists and environmental experts to confront pressing questions about humanity's relationship to our planet through the lens of theater. 

PURPOSE of the Lab
-to practice meaningful science-art collaboration
-to develop outreach and communication
-to create new work in a new way
-to better understand the value of cross-disciplinary approaches to confronting great environmental challenges in a fictional setting in order to offer this model to communities in the real world

STRUCTURE of the Lab
1. An informal "chalk talk" by an environmental scientist, including questions/conversation.
2. Creative exercises responding to the science and introduction of theatrical tools.
3. Groups work independently for 90 minutes, creating short performances.
4. Groups perform what they've made.
5. Response, evaluation and celebration.


 Jonathan Camuzeaux,
Jonathan is a policy analyst at Environmental Defense Fund and a musician/composer.

Sergio Botero,
Sergio is a scientist at the Rockefeller Institute 

Katherine Alfredo,
Katherine is a scientist with The Water Center at Columbia University

Nada Petrovic,
Nada is a fellow at USAID and a former researcher at Center for Research on Environmental Decisions

Josh Browne,
PhD, Columbia University, Department of Earth & Environmental Engineering


Katherine Alfredo (The Water Center, Columbia University)
Josh Browne (Department of Earth & Environmental Engineering)
Joseph Chamie (UN Population Division)
Eileen Crist (Environmental & Animal Studies, Virginia Tech)
Steve Duncan (Under City)
Michael Gerrard (environmental law, Columbia University)
Isabelle Glimcher (expert on migration and refugee law)
Carolyn Hall (Wildlife Conservation Society & dancer)
Sonali McDermid (climate science, NYU Environmental Studies)
Eric North (environmental studies, University of Minnesota)
Gavin Schmidt (director of NASA GISS)