Project Info

The Living Stage NYC aims to create a permanent performance space in the Lower East Side that doubles as a community garden. The opening of the space will be celebrated by an original theater piece created with an intergenerational group of seniors and school kids. Phase 1 culminates in a temporary, pop-up version of The Living Stage for two days in August 2017, with short performances and a celebration to garner upport for future, more permanent version.

 The Living Stage is committed to creating equitable green paces that allow us to gather and question, mourn, celebrate, exchange, and imagin. The Living Stage NYC is a community created project facilitated by Superhero Clubhouse, in partnership with University Settlement, the Tenants' Association of Meltzer Center, XDEA Architects, and Tanja Beer.

Company Info

Superhero Clubhouse is a collective of artist and scientists working at the intersection of environmentalism and theater. We create performances rooted in complex environmental questions, practice ecological production, and collaborate across disciplines and communities to enact a thriving society. We believe theater is an essential tool for evolving our consciousness in the face of global environmental crises.

Superhero = powerful individuals dedicated to making a better world
Clubhouse = an inclusive gathering place for serious play


June/July (beginning immediately upon hiring): Planning and outreach
July 31-August 3: load-in and final preparations
August 4-5: Event!
August 6: Strike and postmortem

 *Specific work schedule ependent on availability and role requirements


The event will take place in the courtyard of Meltzer Towers, a public housing facility for senior residents, located at 94 E. 1st St. (at 1st Avenue), Manhattan. 


If you are interested in the position, contact Program Director Lanxing Fu ith your resume/expression of interest o schedule an interview. Please also let us know if you have any questions!

Available positions

Event Coordinator
We are seeking an independent leader with strong communication skills and a passion for community engagement to successfully plan and execute a two-day outdoor public celebration that includes performance. Must have experience in event directing as well as stage management, and must be comfortable working in an unpredictable environment. Fluency in Spanish, OR Cantonese, OR Polish s preferred. POC highly encouraged to apply.
Fee: $800

Press & Marketing Associate
We are seeking someone with a passion for community outreach, experience working for small nonprofits, and a desire to support a process-oriented, multi-faceted project. Tasks include developing a press release, soliciting relevant press, coordinating photo and video shoots, and promoting the event to local organizations and community groups. Fluency in Spanish, OR Cantonese, OR Polish is preferred. POC highly encouraged to apply.
ee: $1000

Looking for dynamic performers who have musical and/or dance abilities to participate in an ensemble creation process with a group of intergenerational residents of the Lower East Side, and perform the co-created piece at the August event. Must have great interpersonal skills, be highly adaptable, imaginative, and dedicated to equity and inclusion in the arts. Spanish fluency OR Cantonese fluency OR Polish fluency preferred. POC highly encouraged to apply. Actors will attend 2 weekly, 90 minute sessions in July, one week of rehearsals, and 2 performances on August 4 & 5.
Fee: $350