Photo by Rio Che

July 21-August 6, 2022
122CC, Second Floor Theater
150 First Ave, Manhattan
TICKETS $10-60

Mammelephant is a musical epic exploring displacement and identity in the era of climate change through the eyes of the world’s first mammoth-elephant hybrid and the humans confronting rapidly thawing Arctic permafrost. Inspired by the Pleistocene Park geoengineering experiment, the Colossal de-extinction project, and an ancient Yakutian song-poem, the play follows the first “mammelephant” as she tries to make a hopeful future for herself in a place where everything– knowledge, ancestry, even the ground beneath her feet– is unstable.

Written by Lanxing Fu
Directed by Nana Dakin
Performed by Jen Anaya*, Imani Russell, Izzy Sazak, and Zhanna Zakharova

Production Designed by Alejandro Fajardo
Music Composed by Trevor New
Additional Song Composed by Treya Lam
Sound Design and Engineering by Trevor New
Additional Sound Design by Eva von Schweinitz
Crankie and Puppet Design by Lexy Ho-Tai
Music Direction by Erika Ji

Produced by Jem Pickard
Stage Managed by Rachel Denise April
Creative Marketing Producer Emily C. Bell
Press Representative John Wyszniewski, Everyman Agency
Graphic Design by Alexandra Kwiatkoski and Lanxing Fu

*Member of Actors’ Equity Association

Photos by Rio Che featuring cast member Zhanna Zakharova playing the khomus, a traditional Yakutian instrument.

Thursday July 21, 7:30pm
Friday July 22, 7:30pm
Saturday July 23, 7:30pm
Sunday July 24, 5pm
Wednesday July 27, 7:30pm
Thursday July 28, 7:30pm
Friday July 29 7:30pm
Saturday July 30, 7:30pm
Wednesday August 3, 7:30pm
Thursday August 4, 7:30pm
Friday August 5, 7:30pm
Saturday August 6, 3pm & 7:30pm


Approximate run time: 75 minutes


Mammelephant was previously developed as part of Theatre Row’s Kitchen Sink residency, a two-year period of support created and led by Sarah Hughes. Work-in-progress performances of Mammelephant were presented in February 2020 at Theatre Row and in February 2019 at HERE Arts Center & The New Ohio. Early development took place in November 2017 at the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center and February 2018 at the Dragon’s Egg Retreat Center.

Developmental workshop 2021: Mariko Takizawa
Theatre Row February 2020: Ashni Dave, Treya Lam, Serena Ebony Miller
HERE Arts Center & The New Ohio 2019: Alanna Raquel Bowers, William Cook, Ciara Cornelius, Zoë Geltman, Treya Lam, Serena Ebony Miller, Priscilla Villanueva, Sim Yan Ying
Developmental workshops 2017-18: Sergio Botero, William Cook