(a play about mining)

 Illustration by  Kristy Caldwell

Illustration by Kristy Caldwell


Displaced Appalachians resettled on Mars face a familiar dilemma when their leader initiates a questionable mining operation.  A dance-theater event adapted from an original graphic novel, featuring projected illustration and a live musical score. Inspired by the history of Appalachian coal mining. 

impossible question

What is energy worth? 

artists & HISTORY

MARS was co-created by Kristy Caldwell, Tom Coiner, Adam Miller, Adam H. Weinert, and Jeremy Pickard. It was first seen in 2013 at Brooklyn's Center for Performance Research, produced in partnership with Matchboxarts and presented by Chez Bushwick thanks to a grant from the Mertz Gilmore Foundation. It was developed over the course of 2011-2013 at The Dragon's Egg retreat center, Makehouse, and Dixon Place

The company for the production at Center for Performance Research:

Directed by Jeremy Pickard
Choreography by Adam H. Weinert
Musical direction by Adam Miller
Music composed by Adam Miller, Rosie DuPont, Aba Kiser, Keisuke Matsuno, J.P. Schlegel, and Nate Weida
Graphic Illustration by Kristy Caldwell
Story by Tom Coiner and Jeremy Pickard
Adapted from a graphic novel by Tom Coiner
Performed by Javier Baca, Nathaniel Basch-Gould, Rosie DuPont, Aba Kiser, Logan Kruger, Dan Lawrence, Keisuke Matsuno, Adam Miller, Manelich Minniefee, Davon Rainey, J.P. Schlegel, Nate Weida, and Adam H. Weinert
Design by RB Schlather
Dramaturgy by Megan McClain
Stage Management and Assistant Direction by Alessandra Calabi
Additional performers and collaborators Brian Belcinski, Amy Virginia Buchanan, Tyler Caffall, Steve Carlton, Nicole Chalmers, William Cook, Ava Eisenson, Jon Erdman, Bill Felix, Caitlin Fennick, Libby Froeber, Elsa Gil, Flako Jimenez, Marvin Jordan, Maria Portman Kelly, Alexandra Kuechler-Caffall, Matt Mezzacappa, Mike McNulty, Stephanie Pistello, Eugene Oh, Kelly Rogers, Jennifer Stepanyk, Biniam Tekola, Peter Waluk, Carlton Ward, and Aaron Zook