(a play about water)


On the morning of his birthday, an employee of Enrich Water Co. hears the voice of a dying god in his bottle of water, and soon finds himself transforming into a fish.  Meanwhile, a sea creature undertakes a journey across the warming ocean to find her lost brother. An exploration of sea level rise and the world water crisis inspired by the fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen. 

impossible question

What are we willing to sacrifice to preserve our way of life?

artists & HISTORY

NEPTUNE was originally co-created by Brielle Korn, Jeremy Pickard, and Sarah Hughes, and presented at NYC's Flux Factory in 2009. It was developed in 2008 thanks to a residency at The Dragon's Egg retreat space. A second draft of NEPTUNE began development in May 2015 as part of the "Rising Waters Confab", a residency with the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation.

The company for the Flux Factory production:

Directed by Sarah Hughes
Written by Jeremy Pickard
Songs by Brielle Korn
Performed by Preston Copley, Brielle Korn, Zoe Mey, and Jeremy Pickard.
Sound Design by Eva von Schweinitz
Lighting Design by Barbara Samuels
Line Producer Rachel Karpf

Additional participants in developmental workshops included James Ryan Caldwell and Valerie McCann