A time-warping musical play exploring otherness and displacement in the era of climate change through the eyes of the world’s first mammoth-elephant hybrid and her ancestors. Inspired by Pleistocene Park, a real-life geoengineering experiment to prevent the Arctic permafrost from thawing by recreating an Ice Age ecosystem, the play follows the first “mammelephant” as she tries to make a hopeful future for herself in a place where everything-- knowledge, identity, even the ground beneath her feet-- is unstable.

Mammelephant is being developed throughout 2019-2022 as part of Theatre Row's inaugural Kitchen Sink residency. It will premiere in June 2022 at Theatre Row.
Work-in-progress performances were presented in February 2020 at Theatre Row and in February 2019 at HERE Arts Center & The New Ohio.

Lanxing Fu (playwright), Nana Dakin (director), Isabella Sazak, Eva von Schweinitz, Zhanna Zakharova, Alejandro Fajardo, William Cook, Sergio Botero, Jeremy Pickard

Theatre Row February 2020: Ashni Dave, Treya Lam, Serena Ebony Miller
The New Ohio 2019: Alanna Raquel Bowers, Zoë Geltman, Treya Lam, Serena Ebony Miller, Priscilla Villanueva
HERE Arts Center 2019: Ciara Cornelius, Alejandro Fajardo, Zoë Geltman, Treya Lam, Serena Ebony Miller, Sim Yan Ying

Early developmental residencies took place in November 2017 at the Eugene O'Neill Theater Center and February 2018 at the Dragon's Egg Retreat Center.


Hike-Play is a two-part project that creates space for individuals to explore their personal relationship to the climate crisis and the land by going on guided walks through the woods. The project consists of a performance and a series of research hikes.

A human and a tree meet each other for coffee, looking for wisdom and comfort in the face of a rapidly changing world. A performance that coexists with a walk in the woods, Core of Me: A Hike-Play explores climate anxiety, the perceived divide between nature and cities, and the hope that might arise from interspecies connection.

Our first work-in-progress performances happened October 5, 2019 at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory in Palisades, NY as part of their annual Open House event. Core of Me was created by Jeremy Pickard in collaboration with Chris Jensen, Jennifer Telesca, Lanxing Fu, Treya Lam, and Trevor New, and was developed during a STEAMplant residency with Pratt Institute.


We invite you to unplug, breathe clean air, and commune with the trees for a few hours. Join Lanxing Fu or Jeremy Pickard (co-directors of Superhero Clubhouse) for a walk in a park or forest around Lenapehoking (New York City and the surrounding areas). We'll talk about nature, the climate crisis, and our visions for the future. We'll bring snacks, turn off our phones, and walk at your pace. Afterwards, we'll write a short blog about our experience.



Love Letter To A Seed is

An illustrated letter, invitation, and audio experience
for climate activists, artists, and concerned beings
who are weary
and sometimes hang their heads in despair
and nevertheless
keep on tending

This project is released annually: it blooms in the winter (December 21-March 20) and hibernates the rest of the year. The project was led by director Nana Dakin and originally presented in March 2021 as part of Winterworks, the culmination of Clubbed Thumb's annual Directing Fellowship.



Ghost Bike is a multimodal performance project that examines the bicycle as a queer expression of vulnerability, an anti-capitalist symbol of freedom, and a powerful tool for climate, transportation, and social justice.

Ghost Bikes are community-erected memorials of painted white bicycles chained near crash sites, paying tribute to neighbors who have died while riding their bikes. NYC cycling deaths continue to climb due to a lack of bicycle infrastructure, neglect of existing lanes, and overwhelming hostility from motorists. The need for bike- and pedestrian-friendly streets directly intersects with a vision for a clean-air city in right relationship with land and people.

The Ghost Bike project is currently in development, led by Jackie Rivera (Agile Rascal Bicycle Touring Theater) and Jeremy Pickard (Superhero Clubhouse) and includes local cyclists, bicycle builders and mechanics, bicycle advocates and activists, and artists from both Agile Rascal and Superhero Clubhouse as collaborators.

The modes of Ghost Bike may include:

  • A theater performance set in a recreated intersection exploring the liminal space bicycles occupy and the parallel vulnerability that people of color, women, queer, and trans people experience on the streets.
  • A bike funeral procession down Ocean Avenue Greenway celebrating the life of New York cyclists killed by vehicles.
  • Other modes including guided bike history tours, rides tracing the high water lines and original shorelines of the five boroughs, and bike safety workshops.


Perched on the roof of his doghouse with a typewriter and a rare imagination, a dog attempts to adapt after an unusual hurricane washed him out to sea. Created in 2013 in response to Superstorm Sandy, this humorous, musical, physical duet explores resilience in the face of climate disasters.


Flying Ace and the Storm of the Century – Short from Superhero Clubhouse on Vimeo.


Co-created by Jonathan Camuzeaux, Simón Adinia Hanukai, and Jeremy Pickard
Written and performed by Jeremy Pickard
Music composed and performed by Jonathan Camuzeaux
Directed by Simón Adinia Hanukai
Originally Stage Managed by Harry Poster
Original Set Design by Michael Minahan
Original Costume Design by Preesa Adeline Bullington
Original Lighting by Owen Walz
Dramaturgy by Megan McClain

Created in collaboration with climate scientists from Columbia University’s Earth Institute and the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory.

Run time: 55min

Click here to download the show program.

Photos by Marina McClure


Originally commissioned by The Earth Institute / PositiveFeedback for Marfa Dialogues NY 2013, with support from the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation.

Originally developed while in residence at Denmark’s Odin Teatret and Vestjyllands Hojskole, produced by Per Bech Jensen with support from Cultural Collaboration Mid & West Jutland and Aarhus2015.

Further development in June 2014 at NACL Theater on a “Deep Space” residency.

California Bay Area tour, October 2015, featuring performances at PianoFight (San Francisco), Destiny Arts Center (Oakland), and East Bay Center for the Performing Arts (Richmond), as well as eco-theater workshops at schools and theaters in San Francisco, Oakland, Santa Cruz, Monterey Bay, and Richmond. Our CA tour was produced by Simón Adinia Hanukai, assisted by Julia Schoenberg.

Read our online program, designed by Lani Fu.


“Theatre at its best: intelligent and entertaining.”
-Ulrik Skeel, Odin Teatret

An innovative and incredibly accessible story that manages to do what very few can do—make climate change humorous, while invoking a desire for action from an audience.  I was particularly moved by the combination of brilliant acting and music and am excited to have this work shared with diverse audiences, young and old.”
-Tara DePorte, Founder and Executive Director, Human Impacts Institute

Flying Ace is captivating; a delightful piece of theater about dealing with severe weather that is endearingsmart and funnyIt is just what we need in the quest to grab hearts and minds on the issue of how we ourselves might manage in our increasingly disaster-troubled world.”
-Jennifer Newell, American Museum of Natural History

Vigorous…finding pathos and sweet humor throughout the precision and energy of the performance.”
-Marya Ursin, Mystic Paper Beasts/The Dragon’s Egg


THE LIVING STAGE combines horticulture, theatrical design, and community engagement to create recyclable, biodegradable, biodiverse, and edible performance spaces. The NYC version, led by Superhero Clubhouse in partnership with University Settlement and eco-scenographer Tanja Beer, will feature a lush living stage situated amidst the urban landscape of the Lower East Side. Created by local seniors and students, the space was inhabited by performances made for and by the community.



Nine plays that together form a new mythology for the Anthropocene.

URANUS, a play about waste
NEPTUNE, a play about water
MERCURY, a play about poison
SATURN, a play about food
EARTH, a play about people
MARS, a play about mining
VENUS, a play about place
JUPITER, a play about power
PLUTO, no longer a play



Salty Folk, an oyster musical, a Superhero Clubhouse production







Fresh from the hatchery, a young oyster from Brooklyn confronts the legacy of pollution in New York Harbor and her disheartened friends in this hopeful tale of community, ancestry, and resilience.


Salty Folk was originally created in 2015/16 by Nate Weida and Jeremy Pickard via a residency with New Victory Theater LabWorks and in partnership with Billion Oyster Project/ New York Harbor School. In 2020/21, the script was rewritten and transformed into an animation screenplay with new collaborators Tanasia Swift (Billion Oyster Project) and Rodrick Bell (Bronx River Alliance).

Gratitude to past workshop performers, collaborators, and hosts: Kelley Nicole Dugan, Jay Felix, Lanxing Fu, Zoe Geltman, Sam Gonzalez, Chasten Harmon, Eben Hoffer, Sam Janis, Ben Langhorst, Serena Ebony Miller, Ronald Peet, Vanessa Pereda, Eva Peskin, Harry Poster, Kelly Rogers, Isabella Sazak, David Schact, Dan Tracy, Allan K. Washington, Wesley Zurick, PositiveFeedback, and the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory


A musical tale of two trees and two abuellas, all in need of connection on a record-hot summer day in New York City.


Created by Wesley Zurick, Jame McCray, and Jeremy Pickard

Workshop Directed by Jeremy Pickard 
Workshop Performances by Amanda Centeno, Vanessa Perada-Felix, Serena Ebony Miller, Wesley Zurick
Props, Set, and Costumes by Lexy Ho-Tai 
Dramaturgy by Jame McCray 

2018 performances at PS 29 Super Science Saturday Festival and SHC Solstice Celebration


A comedic trunk show about a curmudgeonly clown who just can't make peace with the changing environment.


Created by Danny Gardner, Jame McCray, and Jeremy Pickard

Directed by Jeremy Pickard
Performed by Danny Gardner
Dramaturgy by Jame McCray

Productions at PS 29 Super Science Saturday 2017 and The High Line Summer Festival 2018