Logo by Kristy Caldwell
Photo by Gyda Arber

Photo by Gyda Arber

May 11-June 3 @ The Brick


PLUTO is an allegory about extinction... or it used to be, maybe. Three humans attempt to give a presentation about the remains of a play that no longer exists. The fragments seem to suggest the story of a unicorn, a hunter, and a wizard, all struggling to adapt to a rapidly changing world. Facing similar dilemmas, the three humans reenact their findings, searching for hope among the bones. 

impossible question

Is a "doomed" species worth fighting for?

artists & history

Co-created by Jonathan Camuzeuax, William Cook, Lani Fu, Nikki Holck, Megan McClain, and Jeremy Pickard
Directed by Jeremy Pickard
Assistant Directed by Lanxing Fu
Performed by William Cook*, Lanxing Fu, Brittany N. Williams*, and Courtney Williams
Lighting Design by Jay Maury
Music composed by Jonathan Camuzeaux
Sound Design by Trevor New
Choreography by Nikki Holck
Script by Jeremy Pickard and Lanxing Fu
Dramaturgy by Megan McClain
Project advisors: Sergio Botero and Una Chaudhuri

PLUTO will premiere in May 2017 at The Brick in NYC. It was developed over the course of December 2015-December 2016, thanks to Creative Space grants from ART/NY and residencies with Stony Brook University and Lacawac Wildlife Sanctuary & Field Station

Over the last half billion years, there have been five major mass extinctions, when the diversity of life on earth suddenly and dramatically contracted. Scientists are currently monitoring the sixth extinction, predicted to be the most devastating since the asteroid impact that wiped out the dinosaurs. This time around, the cataclysm is us.
— Elizabeth Kolbert, The Sixth Extinction