This project blooms in the winter and hibernates the rest of the year.
Love Letter to a Seed is currently in hibernation, but will return again in January 2023 until Spring Equinox March 20th, 2023.

An illustrated letter, invitation, and audio experience
for climate activists, artists, and concerned beings
who are weary
and sometimes hang their heads in despair
and nevertheless
keep on tending


Directed by Nana Dakin
Creative Producers: Lanxing Fu and Jem Pickard of Superhero Clubhouse
Music and Additional Words: Nehemiah Luckett
Words and Additional Music: Orion S. Johnstone
Visual Designer: Lexy Ho-Tai
Audio Mixing and Master Engineer: Mauricio Escamilla
Guest Voice Performer: vickie washington
Guest Cello Performer: Marika Hughes

Special Thanks: Clubbed Thumb Fellows & Mentors, Maria Striar, Michael Bugler, Kim Golding, Julia Barry, Eva von Schweinitz, Claire Moodey, Squad Goals Collective.

The artists who developed this project were working from the occupied lands of the Pennacook, Wabenaki Confederacy, Abenaki, Canarsie & Munsee Lenape, and Tiwa. Learn about the Indigenous lands you occupy by visiting

This project was originally presented in March 2021 as part of Winterworks, the culmination of Clubbed Thumb's annual Directing Fellowship. For more information visit