Your generous support of Superhero Clubhouse enables us to:

  • Sustain the only American theater company working exclusively at the intersection of ecology and performance.
  • Nourish a creative process based on rigorous research and collaboration with professionals in scientific fields. 
  • Bring engaging work to diverse communities across New York City and beyond. 
  • Offer educational experiences to all ages in arts, environment, and cross-disciplinary collaboration.
  • Model and develop green, sustainable theater practices for the New York theater community and beyond.

What we're working on in 2018 

8th Annual Big Green Theater Festival
April 25-29 at The Bushwick Starr

Our beloved eco-playwriting program for Brooklyn fifth-graders that we produce annually in partnership with The Bushwick Starr continues, this year with two schools: I.S.77 in Ridegwood and P.S.75 in Bushwick. From January-March, students are guided in writing original eco-plays, learning the fundamentals of playwriting and environmental justice. In April, the kids' plays are fully staged, performed by adult artists, and designed using only sustainable materials and efficient instruments. 


in development with support from The Eugene O'Neill Theater Center and ART/NY Creative Space Grant  

We're in the process of creating a play with music inspired by Pleistocene Park, a real-life experiment involving the resurrection of an Ice Age biome and the Wooly Mammoth for the purposes of curbing the melting of Arctic permafrost. Stay tuned as we create this ambitious new project. 


The Living Stage
Ongoing in partnership with Tanja Beer, University Settlement, and XDEA Architects

The Living Stage combines theatrical design, permaculture, and community engagement to create a lush, outdoor performance space that doubles as a community garden. Located in Lower East Side, Manhattan, the Living Stage was created by an intergenerational ensemble of local residents and erected in the courtyard of the Meltzer Senior Center. Following a successful Living Stage Summer Festival in August 2017, we are forging ahead, laying groundwork to spread the project throughout the neighborhood, and create a permanent home. 

Eco-Theater Salon
November 2017-May 2018, hosted by The Lark as an outcome of its series of Environmental Justice Forum conversations in the 2016-17 season

The salon will offer artists the chance to create/develop original eco-theater material with peer support & feedback, form collaborative relationships, as well as share/develop strategies and methodologies for creating eco-theater. The Salon comes with no expectation of a final product. This is a space to share work, chew on big ideas, and experiment with different methods of eco-theater-making with talented and engaged artists of diverse backgrounds and disciplines. 

Photos by Sue Kessler (Big Green Theater), Dylan Lopez (Living Stage), The Atlantic (Mammoth) 

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