(a play about PLACE)


In the distant past, refugees fleeing the warming planet Venus attempt to cross the border of a new world. A dance-theater duet exploring migration caused by climate change and inspired by the stories of Ursula K. Le Guin 

impossible question

Who are we when the the territories we created to define us no longer exist? 

Artists & HISTORY

A third draft of VENUS, focusing on climate refugees, is currently being developed under the leadership of Isabella Sazak and the guidance of refugee expert Isabelle Glimcher

VENUS was originally "a play about energy". It focused on a group of expatriates living on the terraformed planet Venus, generating their own power through utopian acts of community, and the inevitable downfall instigated by the surprise appearance of an alien. 

The first draft of VENUS was produced at FringeNYC in 2009. A second draft was developed in partnership with Upright Egg Theater Company in Minneapolis, MN and produced in 2010 at the Minneapolis Fire Hall & Museum. Both the first and second drafts were co-created by the collaborating artists. Bike-powered LED lights were utilized in the Minneapolis production, thanks to a local organization.  

The FringeNYC company:

Directed by Jeremy Pickard
Performed by Brian Belcinski, Olivia Gilliat, Maria Portman Kelly, Dan Lawrence, Tina Mitchell, Brian O'Neal,  Dave Sleswick, Katia Rocker, and Kelsey Siepser.
Stage Managed by Carly Hoogendyk
Lighting Design by Solomon Weisbard
Additional props by Owen Walz
Production assistance by Alex Krasser

The Minneapolis company:

Directed by Jeremy Pickard & Matt Riggs
Performed by Mark Benzel, Jason Bucklin, Kelsey Cramer, Kate Gunther, Kelsey McMahon, Dave Mercer, Brian O'Neal, Danielle Siver, Larissa Shea, Peter Shultz, Brian Watson-Jones, and Anne Zager.
Sound and Musical Direction by Jason Bucklin
Music composed by Jason Bucklin, Kate Gunther, Dave Mercer, and Peter Schultz