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Eco-PErformance lab

The Lab is a participatory workshop exploring creative collaboration between environmental experts and theater artists. Beginning with a presentation of research, participants work collaboratively to create short performances that exercise three tools: impossible questions, imposed limitations, and tangible hope.

We will explore:
-Collaborating across disciplines
-Immediate, creative response to science-based research
-Critical thinking surrounding complex environmental problems
-Communicating through the language of time and space
-Generating original performance
-Performing in front of a supportive audience
-Giving and receiving critical feedback

Minimum timeframe: 3 hours
Maximum participants: 30
Best for: environmental and theater professionals, college/graduate-level students, adults of any age, youth aged 12+



communicating your work

For science-based professionals, talking about your work at parties, conferences, interviews, and presentations isn't always a breeze. This workshop is designed to empower participants with tools to speak confidently under such circumstances, and to find more success while networking. Participants will experience a series of creative and practical exercises aimed at improving their communication skills in a variety of low- and high-stakes scenarios. We offer a safe environment for individuals to master anxieties, exchange feedback with peers, and practice engaging an audience.

We will explore:
-Constructing an effective "pitch"
-Forming narrative-based content for target audiences
-Developing conscious body language and breath
-Speaking naturally, with confidence
-Adapting "pitch" for different scenarios and settings
-Giving critical feedback to peers

Minimum timeframe: 2 hours
Maximum participants: 15
Best for: science professionals or college/graduate-level students

The workshop was wonderful in helping the students think about how they communicate science. They loved it and uniformly said they were now better prepared to communicate their science to a variety of audiences.
— Sonya Dyhrman, Associate Professor, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University

Story TO Movement 

This workshop is customized to support the objectives and themes of your conference, course, or project. Participants travel through a three-part creative workshop to collectively build a sequence of movement based on personal storytelling surrounding relevant issues. The workshop culminates in a performance representing the accumulation of participants' stories and movement sequences, performed by professional artists.

We will explore:
-Sharing personal stories in the context of a larger whole
-Creatively engaging with conference or curriculum topics
-Building connections by actively responding to other participants' perspectives

Minimum timeframe: 1 hour
Maximum participants: 30-50
Best for: adults of any age

People loved it. Storytelling and movement is such a different way for people to engage with the topic. It was really valuable. Those who participated were moved by the experience.
— Ben Kerrick, Karen Karp & Partners, at the 2015 City Harvest Festival

Eco-playwriting for kids 

Based on our long-running Big Green Theater program, this workshop lets kids' wild imaginations meet environmental science. Young participants will work in pairs to write their own short plays inspired by interactive presentations given by environmental experts. Depending on the length of the workshop, the plays will be read aloud or staged and performed by professional artists for an audience of friends, teachers, and family. 

We will learn and practice:

-The fundamental tools of playwriting, such as conflict, character, stakes, and tactics
-The basics of environmentalism including big problems like climate change
-Collaborating with peers
-Critical thinking and problem-solving surrounding complex environmental and social dilemmas
-Giving, receiving, and applying constructive feedback
-Self-expression and
-Structuring ideas into dramatic content

Minimum timeframe: 3 hours (can be as long as several months)
Maximum participants: 30
Best for: kids aged 8-14


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