Accessible to a wide range of participants, our workshops offer tools and frameworks for creative response, collaboration, and communication surrounding climate science and environmental justice.

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A creative workshop for people of all backgrounds, occupations, and levels of experience to collaboratively respond to ecological crises through guided performance-making. Beginning with a presentation of research and culminating in short performances made by participants, the Lab is an introduction to Superhero Clubhouse's approach to theater-making, offering tools to explore questions about who we are and how we move forward in our new, turbulent reality.

The Lab was developed by a committee of environmental professionals from Columbia University, Rockefeller University, Rocky Mountain Institute, Environmental Defense Fund, and USAID. Our guest presenters have included Gavin Schmidt (director of NASA GISS) and Michael Gerrard (director of Sabine Center for Climate Change Law), among many others.
Pictured: Dr. Jamē McCray, marine ecologist. Photo by Dylan River Lopez.


Scientists or scientists-to-be will practice communicating to a variety of different audiences-- from fellow academics to elementary students-- using imagery, games, storytelling, and other tools from the performing arts. We explore the relationship between body and voice, and how connecting with our bodies can build confidence and clarity when communicating. And we uplift the unique perspective of each individual in order to develop personal and distinctive communication styles. This workshop is best for graduate and undergraduate students or professional scientists.
Pictured: Lanxing Fu, Co-Director, Superhero Clubhouse. Photo by Dylan River Lopez.

Jeremy and Lani ran a wonderful 3 session Science Communication workshop for my Columbia University Science Communication class. Their effective guidance on tools for creating a narrative, knowing your audience, and speaking through the nerves carried through the whole rest of the course. The students loved hearing their unique perspectives and I hope to make the workshop a permanent component of the curriculum." -Sonya Dyhrman, professor of earth and environmental sciences at Columbia University and the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory


This multi-day workshop is an introduction to creating original theater as a tool for social change. Utilizing the eco-theater framework of Superhero Clubhouse and a variety of approaches to devising from other artists, we introduce theater-making as a living laboratory in which to form temporary communities, make vital new stories, and model a thriving society through a collaborative process. Best for undergraduates, high school students, early-career artists, or community groups. Pictured: Bella MacDiarmid, Marguerite French, and various participants.