Free clown show at The High Line this weekend! Catch two episodes in the life and times of MR. FAIRWEATHER, a conservative clown who just can't make peace with the changing environment. Starring Danny Gardner of Parallel Exit, Broadway's Dames at Sea, and many previous Superhero Clubhouse productions. Also featuring collaborator and ecologist Jame McCray. Click photo for details.


Our monthly Salon kicks off at the end of September. Our interdisciplinary 2018-2019 Fellowship cohort will take part in each Salon. Join them in exploring environmental justice through performance by bringing work to share, a question to discuss, or a creative exercise you wish to try out. The Salon is FREE and hosted by The Lark as an outcome of its 2016-17 series of Environmental Justice roundtable conversations.

Interested to join the Salon? Email megan@superheroclubhouse.org