Mid-Summer Picnic

We're gathering with our Core Members and community in Prospect Park, Brooklyn on Saturday July 17, 3p-7p for a casual picnic, and you and your loved ones are invited to join! Whether you've known us for years or we've never met, here's an opportunity to hang after many months divided by screens. We'll have snacks; BYOBeverages and BYOBlankets. RSVP by emailing info@superheroclubhouse.org.



Intern Spotlight

We have two wonderful interns working with us this spring/summer, Ariana Calderón and Ian Reid, both students at NYU. Ariana and Ian are supporting us with administrative tasks as well as generating their own creative work surrounding our Hike-Play and Ghost Bike projects. Ariana is a Mexican-American theatermaker who draws inspiration from the mountains and trees and is sparked by worlds beyond; Ian is a playwright and comedian whose work explores ideas of isolation, life in the Anthropocene, and all the silly things we do with our bodies when we think no one’s looking.