MAMMELEPHANT, our new play with music is coming to HERE Arts Center on February 15 & 16! A mammoth-elephant hybrid, released into the Arctic for a geo-engineering experiment to prevent the worst of climate change, tries to create a future for herself in uncharted territory. Meanwhile, three generations of women traverse the ancient relationship between humans and elephants. A prismatic, time-warping exploration into the experience of otherness and the ways we change ourselves by changing nature.  Click the graphic above for tickets and more details. 


Our monthly Salon has begun. Our interdisciplinary 2018-2019 Fellowship cohort will take part in each Salon. Join them in exploring environmental justice through performance by bringing work to share, a question to discuss, or a creative exercise you wish to try out. The Salon is FREE and hosted by The Lark as an outcome of its 2016-17 series of Environmental Justice roundtable conversations.

Interested to join the Salon? Email megan@superheroclubhouse.org